Orbit security – Keyholding and alarm response 

Not having the APPROPRIATE alarm response systems in place leaves your premises open to crime.

The Keys to your premises will be kept in a fully secured and manned control. In order for our officer to gain access to the these keys they have to deal with two intruder alarms and two stage access control. All key transactions are logged to our computerised database. CCTV is also in operation in all areas of this building. 



Once one of our fully vetted officers has collected the keys, they will liaise with the Gardai, the alarm company and if necessary your company contacts to ensure that the premises is made safe. Clients with unoccupied premises can avail of this service for unlocking and locking their premises and doing periodic inspections of the properties. 

Fast, secure and reliable service always 

When you hand your keys over to Orbit security we can guarantee you that we will respond to any alarm calls, attend to any emergency and complete external and internal checks to safeguard against criminal damage whilst ensuring the overall safety of your building and your staff. 


its our business to protect your business 

You can also be sure that if needs be, our security guards will liaise with the emergency services on your behalf making it their business to protect your business. Our officer will remain on site until the site is secure.