Orbit Security systems offers a wide range of solutions for having your intruder alarm monitored after VOIP has been installed with your new broadband. 

Voice over IP - What does it mean for your security systems - Orbit Security Systems have the answer. 

Voice over IP – What does it mean for your security systems – Orbit Security Systems have the answer. 

All the latest technology and lighting fast broadband is a great asset to any home or business. With broadband getting faster by the week, allowing businesses to operate and communicate flawlessly to remote and overseas offices or to simply keep in touch with relatives abroad.

What is VOIP (voice Over IP)  

VoIP stands for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’. This sounds like quite a technical term but all it means is making and receiving voice phone calls over the internet instead of through a traditional copper phone line and hardware telephone exchange.

How Does it effect your Security Systems

It effects your monitored intruder alarm as the dialler in the alarm is programmed to use the traditional copper phone line coming into the house and can’t be connected directly to the router like the VOIP phone.  

After the install of your new broadband your Intruder alarm will present a fault straight away or after the next scheduled test call is due depending how your alarm system is configured. At this stage you need to contact a security company to firstly get the faults cleared from your intruder alarm and then find a solution for you. 

Your alarm monitoring will no longer work and in most cases the broadband provider wouldn’t inform you off this and it can go unnoticed in the following cases,

  • The old analogue line is left plugged in and has voltage present but the line is not active. 
  • If a daily test signal isn’t configured on your alarm system 
  • line fault reporting is turned off on your intruder alarm. 

To be sure you don’t get caught out with no monitoring in your home or business. You should either ask the installer of the broadband to confirm this or contact us and we will be glad to assist you in testing your alarm.

Whats the next step to getting your monitored intruder alarm back up and running?

Orbit Security Systems offer a wide range of alternative communication devices including,

  • GSM Diallers – With pay as you sim card
  • GSM-SC Diallers – With World Sim cards and cloud services including a smart app to control you system 
  • Wifi Cards – Linked to your broadband with IP monitoring 
  • Lan Connections – Direct wired link to your broadband. 
  • Dualcom GR2 – GSM unit with a World Sim fitted on a yearly rental plan. Ideal for both commercial and domestic monitoring. 

Contact us today for further advice and pricing on the above options. Our sales team will be happy to hear from you. 


On the other side of the coin your new broadband will now work a treat with a  CCTV system allowing to remote view your camera stream from anywhere in the world.