mobile patrol


Mobile patrols are a very effective visible deterrent for commercial and residential properties and for construction sites. Mobile patrols will deter the threat of theft and remove any unauthorised people off site

Keyholding and alarm response 


Keyholding and Alarm Response services are security services for owners or occupants of a premises leave keyholding duties to a third party. Keyholding and alarm response services are designed to protect owners and occupants of a premises, whether commercial or residential or public property. A security company is best suited to carry out keyholding duties as security personnel are competently trained to look after a premises or to attend an alarm activation.

Security Personnel


Our friendly, informed and competent staff can help your business to focus on your customer care and provide ease of mind over the security of your business. We recruit high quality personnel to protect all types of premises including local authority buildings, commercial buildings, as well as retail premises, licensed premises and construction sites.